Facts & Figures

Interesting Information about the Deutsche Bank Park.


  • Construction Cost
    Approx. €126 million Euro.
  • Construction Period
    July 2002 until October 2005, in five building phases.
  • Holding Company
    Sportpark Stadion Gesellschaft for Project Development.
  • Operating Company
    Stadion Frankfurt Management GmbH.
  • Gross Floor Area
    Approx. 138,000 square meters.
  • Roof
    World’s largest steel-cord inner-roof membrane.
  • Height of Media Towers
    65 meters.
  • Material
    Approx. 80,000 meters of concrete and 12,000 tons of steel; built with approx. 5,200 concrete components.
  • Heaviest Part
    Double struts on the facade: 28 meters in length, approx. 73 tons.
  • Transport Infrastructure Costs
    Approx. €45 million Euro.
  • Video Cube
    30 tons, four screens each measuring 31 square meters.

Inside the Stadium

  • Distance Between Edge of Pitch and Terrace Railings
    Behind the goals: 7.50 metres; side of pitch: 6.0 metres.
  • Covered Area
    Approx. 26,900 square meters (excluding the pitch).
  • Gross Floor Area
    Approx. 138,000 square metres.
  • Business Seats
  • Business Club Lounge
    2,800 square metres, plus a 600-square metre terrace.
  • Catering
    22 kiosks with approx. 200 metres of counter space.
  • Highest Seat
    32 metres above the pitch.
  • Capacity for Football Matches
    58,000 spectators.
  • Capacity for Concerts
    44,000 spectators.
  • Boxes
    83, hosting between 6 and 22 guests for a total of approx. 1,000 spectators.
  • Football Pitch Dimensions
    105 metres by 68 metres.
  • Changing Rooms
    Four rooms at basement level, each measuring 150 square metres.


  • Weight of Video Cube
    30 tonnes.
  • Total Combined Weight of Steel and Cord
    2,500 tonnes.
  • Construction of Steel Cord
    Supported by 44 main columns.
  • Rings
    External thrust rings, internal pull rings.
  • Outer Roof Surface Area
    25,000 square metres.
  • Transparent Roof Surface Area
    3,500 square metres.
  • Inner Roof Surface Area
    9,000 square metres (retractable roof).
  • Cord Length
    16 kilometres (with a diameter up to 12.5 centimetres).
  • Trapezoid Surface Area on external Thrust Rings
    9 by 700 metres circumferential.
  • Roof Construction Costs (excluding Video Cube)
    Approx. €20 million Euro.
  • Roof
    Retractable roof consists of 32 segments.
  • Time needed to close retractable Roof
    Approx. 15 minutes.


  • Purpose of Construction
    Sport, concerts, business functions and major events of any kind.
  • Multifunctionality
    Exact circumference measures 860 metres; length: 210 metres; width: 190 metres. None of the supporting columns restrict the view of the pitch. The front rows are just a few metres away from the edge of the pitch.
  • Architects / Construction Engineers
    Gerkan, Marg & Partner. Constructed by Max Bögl GmbH.
  • Security Checks upon Entry
    The security controls at the stadium entrances process the RFID chips on tickets. The computer system records every ticket, preventing double entry.
  • Convertible standing Terraces
    The standing areas can easily be converted into seating areas. This applies particularly to international matches, which generally are required to be seating only.
  • Functional Areas, Sport
    Players have access to relaxation pools and massage rooms with daylight.
  • Functional Areas, Security
    Firefighters, paramedics and security officials all have their own specially equipped functional areas. If their services are needed, they can quickly arrive on the scene and take action as necessary.
  • Functional Areas, Press
    There is a large press box with internet access at every work station. Press conferences take place in a room with space for 250 people, while the mixed zone outside the changing rooms is larger than average size. Appropriately equipped TV studios are also available.
  • Video Cube
    The video cube above the centre circle is a technical masterpiece. In total, 192 modules make up the screen that measures almost 31 square metres (model: Philips Delta 25-5000). On each side there are 147,456 red, yellow and blue LED lights that guarantee a perfect view from every seat.
  • Ecology
    The stadium meets the latest ecological standards. Rain water is collected in a large cistern and provides almost the entire water usage for bathrooms and toilets. New floodlight technology means fewer kilowatts are now used, while the pitch appears more evenly and better lit.