Terms & Conditions of Use

1. Scope

1.1 The content and information on the website are information facilities and services of the provider Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG, Im Herzen von Europa 1, 60528 Frankfurt am Main, Germany registered with Frankfurt District Court under the number HRB 49421 and represented by an Executive Board comprising Markus Krösche, Philipp Reschke, Oliver Frankenbach and Axel Hellmann (hereinafter referred to as “Eintracht Frankfurt”).

1.2 These Terms & Conditions apply to information facilities and services which you (hereinafter referred to as “user”) can subscribe to and use on the website; as such, they supplement the Data Privacy Policy for visitors to the website (“privacy policy”) and the General Terms & Conditions of Business (GTCs) relating to individual offers. The GTCs are referred to separately in each case. In the event of any inconsistency, the above provisions will be prioritised as follows: a) Terms & Conditions of Use b) Data Privacy Policy c) General Terms & Conditions of Business (GTCs) The user declares that they have understood and agree to the Terms & Conditions of Use, the Data Privacy Policy, and the respective GTCs and the information and services contained therein. If the user does not recognise the above provisions, they are prohibited from using the website, the ticket shop, the online shop and EintrachtTV.

1.3 Eintracht Frankfurt reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions of Use at any time.

2. Account registration

2.1 For the purpose of using or subscribing to individual information facilities and services on the website, users may sign up with their personal details. In this context, users undertake to submit a correct and full statement of their details for the purpose of registering an account, and to keep such information up-to-date. Once logged in, users may enter any updates necessary under

2.2 Eintracht Frankfurt reserves the right to expand, amend and make improvements to the range of services it offers, provided that such changes are proportionate and reasonable in consideration of the interests of the user and Eintracht Frankfurt. Changes are deemed reasonable, in particular, if they do not result in financial disadvantage for the user.

2.3 In order to prevent duplicate accounts, you may sign up once only. If you forget your password, you can create a new one by using the “Forgot my password” function.

2.4 Users undertake never to disclose their password, even when asked to do so. Please note that staff at Eintracht Frankfurt are not authorised to ask users for their passwords.

2.5 Users are liable for any losses arising from a third party discovering their password if this was the result of a negligent or wilful act on their part. If a user’s password is stolen or if the user finds out that their password has been used unlawfully by a third party, Eintracht Frankfurt should be informed immediately.

3. Obligations of the user

3.1 3.1 The services and facilities provided by Eintracht Frankfurt may be used for private purposes only. Commercial use is not permitted. In particular, users may not use the services in order to promote other websites, services or commercial offerings.

3.2 When using the website and the services provided, users shall refrain from infringing applicable laws. In particular, the user shall ensure that any content (including links) distributed by them does not infringe third-party rights (such as copyright), that this content complies with regulations under criminal law and those for the protection of young people, and, particularly, with regard to avoiding the propagation of racist, pornographic or obscene content, content which glamorises violence or drug-taking, or which may be unsuitable for minors. Furthermore, users undertake to refrain from distributing viruses or unsolicited mass mailing campaigns, and refrain from anything else that may jeopardise the proper functioning and availability of services. It is also forbidden to issue invitations to participate in chain letters, pyramid schemes or other forms of gambling.

3.3 Users are accountable for their own conduct and any content they post or introduce (e.g. via links). Users hereby release Eintracht Frankfurt from any liability for claims brought by a third party, as well as from the expenses of a legal defence required as a result of a lawsuit directed against Eintracht Frankfurt arising from a user’s conduct or published content.

4. Content produced by users

4.1 Content posted, sent or received by users is not Eintracht Frankfurt’s content and is, therefore, attributable exclusively to the user posting it. As this content is posted in real time, Eintracht Frankfurt cannot examine the content immediately.

4.2 Users hereby agree to their content being used and published on any Eintracht Frankfurt platform.

4.3 Should Eintracht Frankfurt become aware of content that is evidently unlawful, it is entitled to delete such content without warning. This may arise, in particular, in the event of a breach of the provisions set out in Clause 3.2 above. The same applies in any instance where Eintracht Frankfurt receives an official or court order to remove such content, or provides a third party with an undertaking to refrain from displaying certain content in order to avoid court proceedings. In other cases where there is reasonable suspicion of malpractice, Eintracht Frankfurt may delete the content and block the user in the first instance in order to avoid further loss/damage.

5. Liability

Within the scope of these Terms & Conditions of Use, Eintracht Frankfurt may be held legally or contractually liable for loss/damage or for the reimbursement of expenses incurred in vain where caused by Eintracht Frankfurt or one of its legal representatives or vicarious agents only if such loss or damage was the result of a wilful or grossly negligent act. In the event of ordinary negligence in conjunction with a cardinal or subsidiary obligation, i.e. an obligation whose infringement could impair the purpose of the contract or whose fulfilment would, in any case, be a prerequisite for the correct operation of the contract, the observance of which customers may reasonably expect to rely on (hereinafter referred to as a “substantial subsidiary obligation”), Eintracht Frankfurt’s liability will be limited to loss/damage typically associated with contracts of this nature and foreseeable at the time of contract inception. Eintracht Frankfurt may not be held liable for acts of ordinary negligence in conjunction with subsidiary obligations not deemed “substantial”.

6. Cancellation

Free services may be cancelled by either party with immediate effect and without giving reasons. Once logged in, users may unsubscribe from the corresponding service by applying the appropriate procedure. Should you wish to delete your personal account, please email us at info(at) With regard to the newsletter, we again draw users’ attention to the options to unsubscribe contained in the footer of every newsletter. Eintracht Frankfurt will notify the user that the service has been cancelled by sending an email to the address given at registration.

7. Warranty

7.1 Eintracht Frankfurt accepts no liability whatsoever for the topicality, accuracy, integrity or quality of its online offerings, and further, that such offerings will be permanently available, that services offered will function correctly, or that forwarded information will achieve its desired objective.

7.2 Eintracht Frankfurt has no influence on how data is transported via the Internet and how it is processed by a web browser, and cannot, therefore, guarantee that content will reach a user and/or recipient correctly or be correctly displayed.

7.3 Liability claims asserted by users in respect of material or non-material loss/damage arising from the use of the website are excluded as a matter of principle. However, the above exclusion does not extend to loss/damage caused by demonstrably wilful or grossly negligent acts committed by Eintracht Frankfurt, its employees, or vicarious agents.

8. Data privacy

Eintracht Frankfurt complies with the law in respect of all data processing operations (collection, processing and transfer). Eintracht Frankfurt stores data required to provide and process services and, if necessary, shares this data with service providers responsible for the technical implementation of such services; these providers are, in turn, obliged to comply with all data privacy regulations. Eintracht Frankfurt’s individual data privacy regulations apply, and these can be accessed via the following link:

9. Other provisions

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies. Other exclusive terms and conditions of use (e.g. the general terms and conditions of the online shop) may apply, and these are referred to appropriately in accordance with the legal requirements. Should any of the aforementioned terms and conditions be or become ineffective due to legal regulations, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining conditions.