Deutsche Bank Park

Our Home. The Arena of the Eintracht. And Much More.

Since 1 July 2020, the Frankfurt arena has been known as Deutsche Bank Park – a name which harks back to its origins. The idea of turning what used to be a military shooting range by the Oberforsthaus into a sports park first came about around a century ago. Plans were initially drawn up to use the 42 hectares of land to house the stadium itself, with a capacity of 37,000, as well as a gymnastics and festival area, a velodrome and a swimming pool. A winter sports hall plus running track, tennis courts and then in 1960 a skating rink in the middle of the velodrome were later additions. Today, the stadium has reached a capacity of 51,500 after various renovations. The swimming pool, winter sports hall and beach volleyball courts remain, while much of the area is now taken up with training pitches for use by Eintracht Frankfurt. The club itself has its home in Riederwald, where all their sports facilities are located. Riederwald is being renovated - with a youth academy being built and opened.

The stadium is also home of the Eintracht Frankfurt Museum, which boasts an outstanding collection of historical items, while there is also a large Eintracht fan store that includes a ticket-sales kiosk.

The Deutsche Bank Park hosts a variety of other events throughout the year, such as concerts and more.