“Very well set up in economic terms”

Board member Oliver Frankenbach explains the measures that Eintracht Frankfurt has taken during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the outlook for the club.

Oliver Frankenbach on...

...the effects of the pandemic on the 2019/20 season: “In March 2020, we were still looking at an overall turnover of around 300 million euros. Then came COVID-19 and our turnover was reduced to 280 million euros. We made a profit after tax of 19 million euros – the best result in Eintracht Frankfurt’s history.”

...the measures taken during the 2020/21 season: “We asked for a regional financial bond to secure our credit lines. We agreed on a financing solution with West Ham United as far as Sébastien Haller is concerned and got the transfer fee that we had agreed on in instalments in one lump sum. We also extended our lines of credit, strengthened our equity and expanded out shareholder base. We are very well set up in economic terms and have been given an unconditional Bundesliga licence for the season 2021/22, which in these times represents a very good result.”

Our equity will be in the region of 33 million euros, but again this is partially dependent on how things pan out on the pitch.

Oliver Frankenbach, Chief financial officer Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG

..his estimates for the current financial year: “Turnover this season will probably be around 150 million euros and we are looking at a loss of 45 million euros. The estimates are based on how the rest of the season goes, though. Our equity will be in the region of 33 million euros, but again this is partially dependent on how things pan out on the pitch.”

...the financial implications of qualifying for Europe: “We received our Bundesliga licence based on our calculation without European football included. That means that any income from European competition would come on top of that and give us more room financially. The group stages of the Champions League would be worth 20 million euros, in the Europa League it would be 10 million euros, and in the Conference League 7.5 million euros. That’s all for the group stages, with no success bonuses involved.”

...the economic perspectives for 2021/22: “We could withstand another full season without spectators, but in that case we would have to raise additional outside capital and come to agreements on foregoing salary. I don’t think that we will have to go through another full season without fans.”

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