“Important that we don’t ease off”

Ahead of Saturday’s game in Mainz, Adi Hütter discusses the opposition and team news.

Adi Hütter on…

… Mainz: “We’ve always struggled against Mainz recently, and the match on Saturday isn’t a foregone conclusion either. Having said that, I’m certain we can end our run against them and will win the game if we can show the same maturity and quality out on the pitch as we’ve demonstrated in our last few outings.”

...personnel: “Apart from Ragnar Ache, all players are available. Sebastian Rode is also back with us this weekend. The team have trained very well, which is why I’m feeling confident.”

…lessons learned from recent games: “The fact that we’ve won back-to-back games and ended our series of draws was hugely important. Now it’s important that we don’t ease off and continue to show the self-confidence that has made us so strong of late.”

The team have trained very well, which is why I’m feeling confident.

Head coach Adi Hütter

…the opposition: “We’ve got six games over the next three weeks or so, and have a good chance to improve our position in the table. I’m sure we’ll get our reward and will win matches if we perform with the same maturity and composure that have set us apart in recent games.”

…the current state of affairs: “We haven’t won in Mainz for a while and we obviously want to end our barren spell. Every run comes to an end at some point, and we hope that’s the case on Saturday. For that to happen, we want to make the most of our momentum. Our form is fine. We’ve played very well on two occasions recently. We’ve gained in confidence, which we need to show out on the pitch again on Saturday.”

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