"Fun, courage and conviction"

Chairman of the supervisory board Philip Holzer and Markus Krösche spoke about their aims for the club on the pitch, the values that the new board member holds dear, as well as divulging some squad news.

Philip Holzer on…

…naming Markus Krösche to the AG board: “During our discussions, it quickly became clear that Markus was our ideal candidate. He sees the big picture and has conviction for his work – it’s something that has been apparent throughout his entire career.”

…what he wants to see in the future: “In recent years, we’ve managed to do very well out on the pitch. The challenge now for us is to continue to implement that.”


Philip Holzer and Markus Krösche.

Markus Krösche on…

…his reasons for coming to Frankfurt: “Eintracht Frankfurt are a club with a huge tradition and appeal. The fans and the stadium are great as well. I’d been keeping a very close eye on developments here over recent years, particularly those incredibly special European nights.”

… new ideas: “I’d like to let my ideas gradually flow in here to help the club develop further. We have a great foundation and the way that football is played here is exactly the way I like to see it. It’s an attractive, attacking brand of football that we want to continue to develop.”


We’re currently very pleased with our squad and want to avoid too much in the way of upheaval.

Markus Krösche

…his work focus: “Personally, there are three things that are very important to me: having fun, having courage and having convictions. I want all the players and staff to have fun working for this club, and I include myself in that.”

…possible comings and goings in the squad: “We’re currently very pleased with our squad and want to avoid too much in the way of upheaval. It is clear though, that since the team has been successful, other clubs will be sitting up and taking notice and keeping an eye on certain players.”

... Danny da Costa: “Danny will be coming back here after his six-month loan spell at Mainz. He’s part of our plans for the coming season here in Frankfurt.”

Welcome, Markus Krösche!
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