“The fans are absolutely amazing”

Jens Grahl feels right at home in Frankfurt and is already coming across as a team player.

Jens Grahl on…

…his first few days in Frankfurt: “I was given a great welcome from the very first day. It was like I was coming home. I feel really great. My first contact with Eintracht was only three weeks ago, but everything went very quickly after that.”

…his affinity with the eagle: “I have an eagle tattoo on my back. For me, the eagle is the most beautiful animal in the world – so elegant, graceful and free. That impresses me, that’s why I got the tattoo.”

…previous meetings with Eintracht: “I played two of my 12 Bundesliga games against Eintracht, but regardless of whether I was on the pitch or on the bench, my experiences in Frankfurt were always special. That fans are absolutely amazing.”

I’m preparing for ‘Day X’ when I’ll be needed.

Jens Grahl

…his contract: “I signed a three-year contract as a player. After that there’s the option of becoming a goalkeeping coach here, but that doesn’t automatically mean I’ll end my playing career after three years. It depends on how I feel.”

…the goalkeepers at the club: “I have to give my all every day in training. We have three superb goalkeepers and a great goalkeeping coach. The head coach will decide what the situation will be in the coming weeks and months. I’m preparing for ‘Day X’ when I’ll be needed.”

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