On the evening of 19 February 2020, a racist murdered nine people and citizens of Hanau. Eintracht Frankfurt joined the #SayTheirNames appeal and spoke their names at the match against FC Bayern Munich.

In an impressive and exemplary show of unity, the survivors and relatives and friends of the victims have since taken up the fight against racism and hatred, as well as ensuring people do not forget the attack.

As was the case a year ago during the minute's silence prior to the UEFA Europa League home match against Salzburg, the entire Eintracht family stands shoulder to shoulder with the bereaved families, not only in compassionate solidarity but also out of conviction in their common stance. #SayTheirNames is an appeal launched by the ‘19 February Hanau’ initiative they founded. Eintracht Frankfurt said the victims’ names and wore them with pride on the pitch before facing Bayern Munich.

We remember:

  • Ferhat Unvar
  • Said Nesar Hashemi
  • Hamza Kurtović
  • Vili Viorel Păun
  • Mercedes Kierpacz
  • Kaloyan Velkov
  • Fatih Saraçoğlu
  • Sedat Gürbüz
  • Gökhan Gültekin

The ‘19 February Hanau’ initiative has set itself the goal of giving solidarity a permanent place and creating political visibility. “To remember is to change,” is one of the core messages of the initiative.

The educational organisation FERHAT UNVAR also wants to offer a shelter for all children, youths, young adults and their parents who experience racism in their everyday lives.

Both of these initiatives deserve the support of all of us.

  • #SayTheirNames

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