Chief financial officer Oliver Frankenbach presents current financial figures

On Tuesday 8 August, Oliver Frankenbach presented Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG’s latest financial results at a press conference.

Second-highest turnover despite effects of COVID

For the recently concluded 2021/22 season, Eintracht Frankfurt recorded a turnover of €248.4 million, which just failed to beat the record set in 2019/20 (€278.1 million) despite the club winning the UEFA Europa League. Nevertheless, it was a significant improvement on the previous season (€160.4 million).

Nevertheless, the previous season was again affected by the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thirteen of 17 Bundesliga home games as well as four of six Europa League home fixtures had to be played with reduced spectator capacities, which resulted in another loss of €31.9 million, after the previous season had seen a reduction in income of €36.1 million.

Despite the pandemic continuing to put a brake on the transfer market, the club’s dealings brought in €37.8 million, which was a healthy increase on the previous season’s figure of €26 million.

Turnover for 2021/22 was broken down as follows: media rights (€106.2 million / 43%), advertising (€38.2 m / 15%), transfers (€37.8 m / 15%), attendances (€31.2 m / 13%), merchandising (€17.6 m / 7%) and miscellaneous (€17.4 m / 7%).

The 55% increase in turnover led to a related 43% rise in operating costs, from €194.8 million in 2020/21 to €278.2 million. One of the main causes of the increase was the personnel costs linked to bonuses.

Equity down, debt up

Equity was down from €39.0 million to €5.9 million due to company losses and consolidation measures, and as such the equity ratio dropped from 27% to 4.1%.

Challenges for the future

The reduced level of equity and increase in debt will require further measures to be taken to stabilise the former and reduce the latter. With inflation at its current levels and fluctuations in interest rates, it is important to ensure the company’s future financial development.

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