Heading into the digital age with Mastercard

Mastercard has signed on as the new technology partner of Eintracht Frankfurt and of its digital subsidiary EintrachtTech.

The two new partners have agreed to focus on enabling new digital business models and developing new products to allow people to come into contact with the club in their everyday lives, far beyond the current stadium experience. The open mobile payment system, developed in conjunction with Deutsche Bank, will play a central role in this respect and be implemented early this year as part of the new Eintracht app.

Eintracht fans will be able to use the technology via a wallet in their smartphones to effect mobile and contactless payment throughout the stadium, be it for food and drinks or in the Fan Shop. The main advantage is that the Eintracht app will work regardless of which bank you currently use. Each user will be able to select a free virtual Debit Mastercard linked to Deutsche Bank via the app which will automatically be connected to the relevant current account of the user’s bank.

“Thanks to our app that will be launched very soon, and the collaboration between EintrachtTech, Deutsche Bank and MasterCard, we are opening up new contactless payment facilities for us and our fans,” said Timm Jäger, CEO of EintrachtTech GmbH.

At the same time, the various partners are working on further innovations focusing on digital business models, contactless mobile payment methods and other applications linked to the Internet of Things (IoT) – particularly in the mobility sphere. These projects are being handled by the “Arena of IoT” digital centre of EintrachtTech.

MasterCard will also be making an additional commitment to Eintracht Frankfurt on the pitch, via their active support of women’s football within the club.

More about Mastercard.

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