“We barely gave anything away”

Adi Hütter and his players were pleased with Eintracht’s focused performance in Sunday’s win over 1. FC Köln.

Head coach Adi Hütter: “It was a thoroughly deserved win. I’m very pleased that we didn’t concede any goals, and that I’ve beaten Köln for the first time. We’ve tended to struggle against teams in the bottom half of the table but with 31 points from a possible 39 in those games, we’ve changed that. It’s an exceptional record. We played very well for periods today, although not everything was perfect. Köln did very well. The key once again was a solid defence. Overall, I was very impressed with our defending today.”

The key once again was a solid defence. Overall, I was very impressed with our defending today.

Adi Hütter

Makoto Hasebe: “Patience was required today. Köln were well organised at the back, they were motivated and didn’t shy away from tackles. We struggled at first, but we stayed calm and deserved to win 2-0. We had a lot of possession in the first half but few opportunities in the penalty area. That’s why us holding midfielders adopted a more attacking approach in the second half.”

Kevin Trapp: “It was a very difficult game, Köln closed the spaces down really well. We needed a lot of patience to make it 1-0 at a good time. I’m really pleased with the win and with my 50th clean sheet for Eintracht. We barely gave anything away and defended well. We know we can beat anyone at the moment if we keep performing like that. In the form we’re in right now, and with the confidence we have at the moment, we’re capable of beating Bayern – and that’s exactly what we want to do. We have the quality to do so.”

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