“Did a lot of things well”

Coach Glasner, goalscorer Lindström and debutant Götze saw the 4-0 win at Magdeburg as a successful start but weren’t blind to the deficiencies that arose.

Head coach Oliver Glasner: “I’m obviously very pleased with our display. It was a difficult game, credit to Magdeburg. The atmosphere was great, which is why everyone loves the DFB Cup. What’s important to me is that we saw it through to the finish. Towards the end we weren’t as decisive in our attacking and were too open to the counter a few times. We scored very nice goals. It was important that Kevin prevented the equaliser from the penalty. We did a lot of things well, but it’s about little details which Bayern Munich or Real Madrid will ruthlessly exploit. The boys took the game 100 per cent seriously, which was perfectly illustrated by how they celebrated Kevin Trapp’s penalty save. That shows our spirit.”

It’s important to kick off the season with a convincing win.

Mario Götze

Jesper Lindström: “We’ve very happy after this win and of course I’m also pleased with my goal. It was important that we took the lead early here and protected it, so that we could then extend it. Now we need to carry on and we want to show at home that we can hold our own against the best team in Germany.”

Mario Götze: “We scored four goals, didn’t concede any and saved a penalty, which was very important at that time. We’re therefore very pleased, it was a good performance from us. It’s important to kick off the season with a convincing win. Overall there are always things you can improve. We made too many simple mistakes and needed to be tidier in possession. That’s important for our ongoing development.”


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