“We’ll give a good performance”

Jens Grahl looks ahead excitedly to his European debut and is confident Eintracht will produce a good performance against HJK Helsinki.

Jenson, what outweighs: the disbelief about Kevin Trapp’s suspension or the prospect of your European debut?
“The red card was obviously an absolute joke, but of course, that’s outweighed by the excitement for my first European match. Whether it’s Champions, Europa or Europa Conference League – the main thing is, it’s Europe!”

What happened on Saturday, when you were brought into the team at very late notice?
“The warm-up went completely normally. When Kevin says to me, it’s fine, then it’s fine. Then something stupid happened, he stayed on the turf and was immediately holding his back again. That’s when I thought it could get tight. Zimbo [Jan Zimmermann] came over to me and said: ‘Jenson, get ready but we’ll wait to see what the doc says.’ I prepared as if I was going to play, but I still didn’t completely believe it. It was only when I went into the dressing room and saw Kevin on the bench that I knew: it’s happening!”

We’ll give a good performance, I’m quite sure of that.

Jens Grahl

A few words on your new colleague Kauã Santos?
“Kauã is a very talented young goalkeeper. He offers a lot and now has the fortune of working with Jan Zimmermann, who will get him to a top level in the coming years.”

What are your thoughts going into Thursday?
“I never thought Grahl would play in Europe again. I’m obviously looking forward to it, it’s going to be an awesome evening. We’ve gained confidence, as have I personally. We’ll give a good performance, I’m quite sure of that.”