Interview with Nikos Liberopoulos

Well this has to be one of the hardest interviews to get but by far one of the most interesting ones. One day I received and email after sending out one of the monthly newsletters from a man claiming to be Harry Liberopoulos, an uncle from Nikos who lives in Boston.

As I do with all the feedback we get regarding the newsletter I forwarded it to Alex and Holger. We then debated if it was true or not and then the topic just sort of went away. So one day I was at training and I asked Nikos if he had an uncle who lived in Boston and he said yes. And was kind of surprised that I knew of him. So to Harry Liberopoulos in Boston this interview is for you and I hope you enjoy it.

Now with the Eintracht Frankfurt for one complete season Greek National Team member Nikos Liberopoulos, number 10, has proven his experience on the field to be valuable to us as a team. With the help of his agent after training one day I had the chance to finally speak with Nikos after training one day

Tim Harris: A full season in Frankfurt now, how has it been for you?
Nikos Liberopoulos: The city is so much better than I could have exepected and the club has been great.

TH: Why did you choose Frankfurt?
NL: Well I was in contract talks with my old club AEK Athen and we could not come up with an agreement so the offer from Frankfurt came in and I thought it would be a great chance to not only play in the Bundesliga but to also play outside of Greece.

TH: Did Amanatidis help you decide to come to Frankfurt?
NL: No I made the decesion on my own. Of course Ioannis Amanatidis has been a huge help in helping not only within the team but helping to adjust to living here in Frankfurt. I knew allot about the Bundesliga as we get the games on TV in Greece also but in also speaking with my fellow country men who also play in the Bundesliga help make the decision easier.

TH: What differences do you see in playing in Greece and playing in Germany?
NL: It is a different style of play. It is always a big fight and you can never predict what the result will be in the Bundesliga. In Greece it tends to always be easier to predict what teams will win what games as the top teams are always the top teams. The Bundesliga is more competetive.

TH: What do you think about playing home games here?
NL: Very special for any player to play in front of so many people and it is not always the home games but also the away games and it seems the stands are always full and the people seem to celebrate the game. I just wish the results were better on the field so our fans here in Frankfurt could celebrate more.

TH: How do you feel within the team?
NL: From the first day here in Frankfurt I have felt at home not only with the players but also within the club management and in the city of Frankfurt.

TH: In 5 years where do you see yourself in speaking about your football career?
NL: Well in 5 years I would be 38 and I do not see myself still playing. I would like to continue my career in Football but as a trainer or teaching kids how to play the game.

TH: You and Fenin seem to play very well together up front, how do the two of you make that happen when neither of you speak the same language?
NL: We do speak the same language, the language of Football. And it seems that Fenin and I use each others strengths very well together.

TH: Do you have a message you would like send to your Uncle Harry who receives this newsletter?
NL: I would like to tell him that I miss him and my family misses him and that we love him very much. We wish him and his family the best of everything and we hope he comes to visit us as he knows my home is always open to him and his family.

TH: Anything you would like to say to the fans that receive this newsletter?
NL: First I would like to say thank you , thanks for your support. I wish you all all the best and lots of happiness in your lives.

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