Interview with Jermaine Jones

Eintracht press trainee Christoph Preuß who also used to be a first team player at Frankfurt interviewed his former team mate Jermaine Jones.

Since former Eintracht player and captain Jermaine Jones moved to FC Schalke 04 he has developed to a real leader. Recently he gave his debut for the national team of the United States in defensive midfield, a position where he competes with Frankfurt US boy Ricardo Clark. This interview took place ahead of the Bundesliga meeting between Eintracht and Schalke (0-0) last Saturday.

Christoph Preuß: Hello Mr. Jones. Are you looking forward to returning to Frankfurt?
Jermaine Jones: Of course! It is still my home town. I grew up here, I spent my youth here. The stadium is fantastic, the atmosphere is great. I look forward to the game.

Why is Schalke having difficulties during this first part of the season?
The first games were difficult because our new players had to get integrated. Now we need to get back on track. Once we manage to play our game, it will definitely be good.

Who of the current Eintracht players are you still in touch with?
I am still in touch with Benjamin Koehler, every once in a while I exchange text messages with Oka Nikolov and sometimes when visiting Frankfurt I meet Chris.

Do you come to Frankfurt on free days or does your schedule not allow that?
Of course, I often come to Frankfurt and always try to visit family and friends.

You played your first two matches for the US national team. How was it?
It was good and I think I can be satisfied with my performance. Of course, after such a long injury break you need a couple of matches to get back into shape.

How do you do regarding the English language?
I get along fine on the field. Cherundulo and Bradley are two Bundesliga players I have on my side on the field. I only did one interview to the US association, others will follow as soon as I have polished up my English skills.

Have you been in touch with Ricardo Clark?
Yes, we were in touch before the World Cup. Unfortunately he missed the last games with the US team. But I heard many good things about him and surely we will be in touch and see each other from time to time.

Would you like to play abroad one day and if so, in which country?
I always wanted to compete with the best, which is why I play at Schalke now. If I changed the team it would have to be a European top club.

Do you have any idea so far what will follow after your career? Can you imagine working as a coach?
I have not given that issue a lot of thought so far. Technical director would be too much work for me (laughs). I can imagine working as a head coach. A task in the US would be a possibility.

Does your heart still beat a little bit for Eintracht Frankfurt?
Certainly. I value Eintracht Frankfurt a lot. It is my home team, I was captain here, I developed here as a player, I will always be grateful for that.

Who do you want to exchange your jersey with today?
We will see. I assume Benjamin Koehler, Ricardo Clark or Chris. I will exchange my jersey with whoever approaches me first.

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