“I want to show what I can do in Frankfurt”

Rodrigo Zalazar on spending the last two seasons out on loan, his ambitions at Eintracht and the Eagles’ Spanish contingent.

Rodrigo, you signed for Frankfurt two years ago and have been loaned out twice. How were those experiences?
My first year was difficult because of everything that happened with coronavirus. It was a tough year and the season was postponed. Then I had a problem with the club because I couldn't return to Poland due to coronavirus. So I had to go home to Spain, where I stayed until I came back to Frankfurt.

What were the keys to your success at FC St. Pauli?
The coach helped me a lot. Timo [Schultz] and Fabian [Hürzeler], his assistant. The team wasn't doing so well up until December, but after that we enjoyed an unexpected revival and started getting good results. We all felt good on the pitch and we had a good group of lads. I think it was the first time in my life that I was able to score six goals and get six assists. I was very happy to be there. Like I said, I want to hit the ground running here now and show what I can do.

There are a lot of very talented players here, but I'm here to work hard and want to try to earn my place.

Rodrigo Zalazar

What are your objectives with Eintracht?
I hope I can help the team, because we're playing in three competitions this season. It's going to be a very challenging year and the coach will need every player. I'll try to fight for my place so that I can get game time. There are a lot of very talented players here, but I'm here to work hard and want to try to earn my place.

Who were your go-to guys when you first signed, and who are they now?
Goncalo helped me in my first year after arriving here. David [Abraham] and Lucas [Torró] were also here, but they've left now. Fabio and Enrique are here now and they're the youngest, so Goncalo and I try to give them a bit more attention to make sure they appreciate what it all means to be a professional footballer. To be honest, I'm very happy there are players here who speak Spanish. There's about to be another one too (Borre), so I'm very pleased.

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