“Show attitude”

This is the motto of the 2022 International Weeks against Racism, for which Eintracht Frankfurt is an ambassador.

Open-mindedness, diversity and tolerance are deeply rooted in the soul of Eintracht Frankfurt. Racism, antisemitism, marginalisation and xenophobia have no place at the club or in the stands. That is why it is both a matter of course and an honour for the club to support the International Weeks against Racism from 14-27 March as an ambassador.

This year’s motto of the initiative, which was founded in 1995, is “Show attitude” – a principle that Eintracht Frankfurt has always taken to heart. People from approximately 180 different nations live in the city of Frankfurt alone, while the Eintracht family – with over 96,000 members and more than 50 different sports – is no less multicultural. Eintracht’s Bundesliga squad alone features players from over a dozen nations.

This attitude has also been adopted by Eintracht fans, who have shown their support for integration and diversity for decades with clear demonstrations and purposeful action. It is reflected in numerous ways, most recently in the ‘United Colors of Frankfurt – Open for all Colors’ campaign. This commitment has shaped Eintracht fans’ self-image since 1992.

Campaigns such as these run like a thread through the DNA of the club, whose officials, members, supporters and athletes showcase these values with openness and conviction. Eintracht’s sponsorship of the International Weeks against Racism is therefore the next logical step.

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