“We made history again”

Oliver Glasner, Kevin Trapp and Mario Götze talk about how the team dug deep and deservedly qualified for the round of 16.

Head coach Oliver Glasner: “Congratulations to the whole team! It’s crazy, what the players managed to pull off and how they dealt with setbacks. We’re now in the round of 16 and we absolutely deserve to be there. What makes me proud is the fact that we were always true to ourselves – we stuck to our gameplan throughout. Well done to the team and all the staff. I know how hard everyone works on a daily basis, and this was another team success. We need every single person, regardless of how many minutes they each get to play. We’re delighted about making through to the last 16 in style!”

What makes me proud is the fact that we were always true to ourselves.

Oliver Glasner

Kevin Trapp: “We’ve made history again today. This is such a fun team to play for. We proved again what we’ve shown ourselves to be capable of over the past few weeks. If you look at how we reacted to going behind to Sporting in the first match and compare that with what happened tonight, there’s such a difference. It’s great that we’ve got the reward we deserve and have qualified for the last 16. We wanted to give something back to the fans – their support’s worth its weight in gold."

Mario Götze: “This is quite simply incredible. If you look at how we were behind at half-time and totally out of the running in fourth place, and then ended up going home with the win and making it through to the next stage – that’s amazing. The team showed real determination and self-belief, we scored two goals and everyone fought right up until the end.”

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