“Prepared in the best possible way”

Tuta has been back with the team since Monday following his quarantine. In an interview, he discusses training at home and on the pitch.

You were in quarantine for two weeks. How was that for you?

“I didn’t get bored. I watched some TV, but obviously that’s not the only thing I concentrated on – far from it. I prepared in the best possible way for the weeks ahead with various types of equipment.”

What was it like for you to get back into full training?

“I was given an appropriate training plan which I worked through, but it’s not the same as being out on the training pitch. I’m all the happier now to be getting out onto the grass and also to get to know the new head coach as well as seeing both new and familiar faces. My first impression was a very positive one.”

What are you expecting from the next friendly on Saturday against Sandhausen?

“Friendlies like these are an important part of pre-season. We have to get into our rhythm and first and foremost, I have to get back up to speed, primarily through the training sessions. The purpose of these friendlies is to see where we’re at, which helps us to improve both physically and in terms of tactics.”

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