"You can't explain those things"

Kevin Trapp on the victory in Munich, his remarkable save from Robert Lewandowski and Eintracht's belief in their own strengths.

In your opinion, what was the key factor in the win after you fell behind?

When you're trailing 1-0 in Munich it's obviously hard at first. But straight after kick-off, we had our first chance. Then came the corner and then we made it 1-1. I then realised: OK, we're starting to believe in ourselves and won't just sit back. Because up until that point we really defended very deep, hardly had any possession or periods where we could take a breather. And then all of a sudden we had two huge chances. It could have been 2-1 or 3-1 to us at that point. At half-time, we told each other that if we kept being so positive, courageous and kept believing in ourselves, we could get at least a point.

It really was just the day we needed to be able to win there.

Kevin Trapp

You made a lot of saves. The one from Lewandowski was sensational. How on earth did you save that one?

It happens without thinking. You can't explain those things. I know I'm capable of producing very good performances, and I'm happy it came off and that it helped us get the win. Everyone really played a big part, it wasn't just me. It really was the whole team who put up a fight. Hinti threw himself in the way of balls and has hurt his shoulder. Ilse threw himself into everything. We ran a lot, Tuta had cramp. It really was just the day we needed to be able to win there.

How good has this week been for your spirit?

We've played really well on a number of occasions and have had a lot of good games, and a lot of scoring opportunities that we passed up. Of course that always puts a bit of a downer on things. You then normally just focus on the negatives rather than the positives. The victory in Antwerp was obviously a bit of a relief, getting our first win of the season in the last minute. Keeping a clean sheet was just what we needed. Then you obviously go to Munich with relatively little to lose, because nobody really believes in you. I think the coach was spot on in the presser. We're not coming there to drink coffee, we're coming there wanting to win and if we all have the right attitude - and we have that mentality in the squad - then it's possible. Of course he also said we all need a very good day, but I feel we did have one.

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