Growing confidence despite turnover drop

Chief financial officer Oliver Frankenbach presented Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG’s latest financial figures on Thursday.

The Bundesliga club posted revenue of €160.4 million for the 2020/21 season. The inevitable losses compared to the previous campaign (€278.1 million) are related to the after-effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The loss after tax of €36.1 million is also mainly due to the pandemic, whose devastating impact has not just been financial. The Fußball AG posted after-tax profits of €18.7 million in 2019/20, but because that campaign was also adversely affected by the pandemic (with losses of approximately €9.0 million), Eintracht Frankfurt has so far accumulated losses of €45.0 million due to COVID-19.

Overview of sales

In 2020/21, revenue was broken down as follows: media rights (€80.8m / 50.4%), advertising (€31.8m / 19.8%), transfers (€26.0m / 16.2%), merchandising (€11.1m / 6.9%), other areas (€10.2m / 6.4%) and spectators (€0.5m / 0.3%).

Eintracht Frankfurt succeeded in significantly reducing operating expenses through a variety of measures, including cost saving and salary waivers. The operating costs for 2020/21 were just €194.8 million, compared to €242.5 million in 2019/20.

Increased debt

Though equity dropped from €53.4 million to €39.0 million, Eintracht has emerged relatively unscathed thanks to the financial cushion generated over past seasons, as well as the equity measure implemented in April 2021 and the addition of a further shareholder. Financial debt also increased from €37.2 million to €46.3 million due to the ongoing construction of the ProfiCamp and the borrowing of essential external resources. However, positive trends such as the increase in capacity of Deutsche Bank Park mean the Eintracht hierarchy are confident of facing any future challenges that may arise.

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