Filip Kostic exclusive interview

The winger talks about his three goal involvements against Hoffenheim, the reasons for his fine form and the return of his compatriot Luka Jovic.

Filip, you made a big contribution to the win over TSG Hoffenheim with a hand in all three goals. How does that feel?
“Winning is a unique feeling and I’m pleased with how things are going currently. Of course, I’m also happy that I could help in this way with my goal and the assists for the team’s other two goals.”

How do you view your personal progress in recent weeks?
“I would say that I’m currently in my best form, but I don’t want to rest on my laurels. I want to get even better so that I can help the coach and the team to continue being successful.”

We train every day and give everything in order to constantly improve.

Filip Kostic

You’re regarded as the team of the hour in the Bundesliga. How has that come about?
“First and foremost, it has a lot to do with hard work. We train every day and give everything in order to constantly improve. Part of that is also rectifying weak spots while optimising strengths.”

Has the return of Luka Jovic played a role in your upturn in form?
“Last year I had a very bad injury to battle, which thankfully is in the past. Of course, Luka’s presence can’t be seen as completely disconnected because we also spend a lot of time with each other off the pitch. I generally feel very happy in Frankfurt, it’s like my second home.”

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