“Our mindset is the main focus”

Tuta explains that there are still plenty of things to improve despite a pair of last-minute wins, and talks about what he and his teammates are working on.

Tuta on…

…the past week: “The team is always looking to get the win, even if sometimes things don’t fall into place straight away. We always fight right up to the final whistle. Obviously we’ve had our difficulties, but the team have shown that they give it their all right until the end and never give up.”

…room for improvement: “We need to keep on working on ourselves. Every football team has its own problems, we’re not the only ones. We need to go through these things in detail internally and work on them. We’re taking things away from every match and trying to develop as we go along. It’s something we do every day.”

…the targets leading up to the winter break: “Our mindset is the main focus. We need to have the right attitude every day in order to improve and develop, always be focused when we come to training, and make sure we get through the matches in the various different competitions unscathed. Every one of us knows that we are only strong as a team and that we have to fight together.”

…his current contract situation: “I’m 100 per cent focused on Eintracht Frankfurt. I always have been and still am very happy with the team, the coaching staff and the overall environment.”

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