Eintracht impress in sustainability study

In Sport Positive’s rankings, SGE came in 5th place from an environmental point of view, providing further proof that the club is putting theory into practice in striving for a holistic concept of the future.

In early February, the ‘Taskforce for the future of professional football’ drew up 17 recommendations for action for the 36 professional clubs across Germany’s two top leagues, in order to provide a holistic concept for the future of professional football in the country. First and foremost, the German Football League (DFL), who are in charge of this project, called for the basic recognition of sustainability in German professional football, with the second priority being the establishment of a committee for sustainability and responsibility.

Certain Bundesliga clubs already have a solid basis on which to work, in environmental terms at least, as demonstrated by the first ever Bundesliga Sustainability Table 2021 put together by Sport Positive Leagues. And as is the case out on the pitch, Eintracht Frankfurt were again among the top teams.

The Eintracht family stepped up when it came to removing litter from the Stadtwald district as part of Frankfurt Cleanup 2020.

The recognition from Sport Positive Leagues is further encouragement to continue down the road towards a holistic concept of the future. "Featuring in the top five of such a renowned study is obviously a great snapshot of what we have achieved,” Jan Martin Strasheim, head of media and communications at Eintracht Frankfurt, said of the results. “Nevertheless, we at Eintracht Frankfurt see sustainable behaviour first and foremost as a constantly evolving process. We remain realistic and we know that we still have work to do in this critical area."

Showing the way: Makoto Hasebe and Almamy Toure take to their bikes.

Of the measures that have been put forward - and indeed in some cases already implemented - there is the promoting of e-mobility. There are already renovated cycle paths from the city of Frankfurt to the Deutsche Bank Park, and on a related note, additional bike parking facilities are being created. These infrastructure improvements are designed to encourage climate-friendly travel to and from the stadium, for sporting events as well as for daily leisure activities.

Nevertheless, we at Eintracht Frankfurt see sustainable behaviour first and foremost as a constantly evolving process.

Jan Martin Strasheim, head of media and communications

“For us, the Deutsche Bank Park is more than just a venue,” Strasheim added. “This historic area is a meeting place for people of all different generations, right in the beating heart and indeed lungs of the city. Responsible behaviour towards our environment really does go without saying.” The soon-to-be-completed ProfiCamp is also targeting emissions reductions and will feature a ceramic building exterior for heat storage and solar panels on the roofs. Those features alone will reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) output in the running of the new infrastructure by around 700 tonnes every year.

Energy-efficient Eintracht: the ProfiCamp in the new building near to the Deutsche Bank Park.

At the club’s home venue just a few hundred metres away, the floodlights will be fitted with LED lamps in addition to the LED light systems already currently installed, to ensure maximum energy efficiency. The same goes for the irrigation system for the pitch, which uses digital data collection to ensure that no more water is used than is necessary.

Every blade of grass in Frankfurt is important when it comes to sustainability.

Digitisation plays a major role not only here but in general when it comes to Eintracht Frankfurt’s sustainability goals. Sustainability is defined not only as an ecological but also an economic and social approach.

For a football club with the size and structure of a medium-sized business, Strasheim says that this encompasses: “the running of the company, diversity, data protection and the development of a sustainable playing concept”.

Most importantly, Eintracht and the Bundesliga already have a sufficiently collegial approach to the situation, as demonstrated by the creation of the ‘Taskforce for the future of professional football’ and the related targeted workshops. “In all sporting competition, a conscientious approach to the subject of sustainability can have no losers, only winners,” Strasheim said. “We want to be a part of that.”

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