Caio: The Hessians' Great Hope

Everything began in the garden behind their house. Caio César Alves dos Santos father hammered together a goal from wooden planks and boards for his football-mad son. Every day the boy, who is now known by the name of Caio, practiced with his brother.

These were the first steps toward a big career. As a youth, Caio found his first club at Gremio Recreativo Barueri. The club had taken a fancy to this wizard of the ball. Under no circumstances did they want to let go of Caio.

Difficult start

They therefore decided to lend him out constantly: to Guarani FC, Sport Club Internacional and SE Palmeiras. Caio pulled on his boots for the last club in 2007. There, foreign clubs too began to take interest in the playmaker.

Eintracht Frankfurt was one of them. It did not take the Hessians long to make up their minds, and they brought Caio to the metropolis on the Main before the beginning of the second half of the 2007-08 term. His beginning in the Bundesliga was not easy, however. Like so many South Americans who come to Germany, Caio had difficulties adapting to the weather and had to overcome the language barrier.

Praise from the coach

In addition, Caio had to struggle with inconsistent form and had gained weight when he came back to Eintracht after his first visit home. The regional newspapers immediately voiced strong criticism of the most expensive signing in the Frankfurt team s history.

Yet the outstanding talent composed himself and began to weave his magic. In the mean time, Caio has become indispensable in the Frankfurter lineup. "Caio is a really good footballer and a player with great potential,? explained his coach Michael Skibbe to bundesliga.de.

Return ruled out

For professional reasons Caio cannot imagine going back to Brazil, either. "There are a great many good players in Germany, the level is very high,? he said. "Not that I would want to make Brazil sound bad, but there are many internationals playing in the Bundesliga. And European football is very much in the centre of focus, people take note of the players who play here. This is another reason why I prefer to play here. Playing in Europe is very desirable.?

These words are received enthusiastically in Frankfurt, and we can look forward to many years of Brazilian flair on the Main.

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