“Impressive, but no coincidence”

Despite scoring Eintracht’s all-important second goal for the second game running on Sunday, Evan Ndicka is keeping his feet firmly on the ground.

Evan, how do you assess the win against Köln?
“It was a difficult game against good opposition, who had previously won a lot of away games against other strong outfits. We dominated the game overall and earned ourselves the win with a patient approach.”

What are the reasons behind Eintracht’s continued good form?
“They never change. It all starts with our work on the training ground and the high concentration levels in team meetings. On top of that, you have the individual work that goes on before and after training to make sure players look after their own bodies.”

We need to and want to remain focused, ideally until the end of the season.

Evan Ndicka

What do you make of Eintracht’s current run?
“Our run is definitely impressive, but it’s certainly not a coincidence. There’s a lot of teamwork and hard work behind it – I can only repeat myself. We need to and want to remain focused, ideally until the end of the season.”

How do you feel ahead of the top-of-the-table clash with FC Bayern?
“Everyone knows FC Bayern and knows they’re the best team in the world. We want to pick up three points and will therefore put up a good fight. After all, every game in the Bundesliga has its own challenges.”

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