A summary of the events in March

3 ties with 4 goals and position 12 in the league-table –> the March-summary doesn’t sound that spectacular. Nevertheless we saw (more or less) interesting matches.

At first we played in Bielefeld. And once again, we didn’t lose against a team below us in the league-table. That’s the only good thing one can say about that match. Both teams played weak and fearful. Two days later I watched a second-league-match (Duisburg against Nuernberg) which was far better although still really of low quality. At least the opponent Bielefeld didn’t play any better that day. Otherwise I would have been sure that we had the weakest team in the league. Our goalkeepers Nikolov and Proell once again changed parts. Their changes bench vs. field are a never ending story in Frankfurt. Nikolov returned to the goal, but left again one match later because he was injured against Hoffenheim. As there were only two goals against us in March, that “chaos” didn’t seem to affect our team a lot.

Against Hoffenheim, our first half was dreadful. It was one of the matches when you are glad that there is a break for half-time. (Although you don’t really believe that things will change in second half.) Carlos Eduardo scored for the guests. For the first 30 minutes, we only watched the other team playing but there was a change after the break. Our team played aggressively and scored at the beginning of the second half – one more header by Fink after a cross by Steinhoefer. Young Steinhoefer turns out to be a phenomenon, collects one scorer-point after another! Sure, he does not play on a constant high level but is much better than expected. Maybe the best transfer within the last years. We kept on playing better and it was nothing but bad luck that we didn’t win in the end. Fenin once again hit the post – no Bundesliga-player does that more often! Former Eintracht-player Dietmar Roth and I commented the match via internet-radio, I know it’s German, but maybe you’re interested in 10 minutes “best of” to sense the atmosphere?

The next match in Leverkusen was one of the best this season. To be correct, the match was against Leverkusen, but we played in Duesseldorf because the Leverkusen-stadium is being renovated right now. More than 10.000 Eintracht fans took the chance that there were a huge stadium and a match against a team with very few supporters. They joined the team and made more noise than the home-fans. This surely inspired the team to do a great job. Leverkusen, in winter was in 5th place after 10 victories in 17 matches and recently 4:2-winner against Bayern Muenchen in the cup-quarter-final, has right now some problems in the league. 8 matches in 2009 and only one victory, the second worst team in the league – we knew we had our chance and Eintracht played with spirit. The long-time-injured Alex Meier scored after passes by Steinhoefer and Fenin, it was his first goal since 2007! Later on, we should have scored more goals and were clearly the better team. Unfortunately Leverkusen could even out after a corner kick by Kadlec. Some of our players had a great day, like Bellaid, Koehler, Chris, Meier, Steinhoefer and Fenin. It was the last minute when we had the best opportunity to score. Adler couldn’t keep hold of a Caio-free-kick and Bellaid shot the ball 2 meters ahead of the goal against the goalkeeper’s face (have a look at the amazing picture below). In the end, we couldn’t say if maybe we should be angry that we didn’t win but I for my share decided to have a great first spring-weekend because the team played well and it was a surprise that we gathered that one point. Bajramovic, a new player who came from Schalke last summer, played his first minutes for Frankfurt after a long injury. It was his first match since 2007 (you can see him behind Bellaid's leg on the picture below).

Next Saturday against Cottbus it will indeed be necessary to win. If we do so, we should no longer have to worry about relegation. Let’s go Eintracht!

At the end, let me show you one more picture of one of our readers: Sheyla from Cuba, who lives in Colombia right now.

There is still our meeting point one hour before each home-match in front of the Eintracht-museum. I am quite tall and will be wearing a red-black-white Eintracht-jacket in winter (and probably a backpack). If you want to be sure to meet me/us, please contact me/us by mail in advance.

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