“I want to come up with solutions faster”

Tuta talks about preparation for the cup match in Mannheim, increased demands and the wait for his first goal.

Tuta on...

…the start of the season this weekend: “I’m really happy to finally be getting started again. Everyone’s fired up and longing for the start of the season. We’ve had an intensive pre-season and we’re extremely happy that we’re in the final week of it and we start on Sunday with the cup game.”

…the match against Waldhof Mannheim: “You always have to work hard and give your all in the cup. There are only a few games and each one is decisive. We’ll focus solely on Waldhof Mannheim in the days left and make the best use of the training sessions.”

I have big ambitions and i am very motivated.


…his role in the team: “I feel the trust of Oliver Glasner and my teammates. Now it’s down to me to go about my job in the best possible way and produce my performance. The style of play has changed slightly, so I have to adapt to that. I want to come up with solutions faster and get the ball to the man quicker. It’s important that I always make myself available and can also play a long ball forward now and then.”

…the new season: “I have big ambitions and i am very motivated. I’m always looking for the best for the team and I want us to be successful as a team.”

…a possible first goal in an Eagles shirt: “I’m hoping and thinking that I’ll soon score my first goal for Eintracht. I take the matches as they come, but it would be nice to score soon.”

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