"It's unbelievable"

Rafael Borré speaks on the magical night against West Ham, his goal in Barcelona and the final in Sevilla.

Rafa, a year ago you decided to move to Frankfurt. Now you've made it to the final of the Europa League. Tell us about your year.

Personally, it was an incredible year. I never expected to experience so much with this club. That's why I'm very happy. I'm really pleased to be able to contribute to our success. Last night was very special. I would like to thank the fans for their support and encouragement. We have to enjoy it now, then give everything in the final in Seville.

You've played in front of 10,000 to 20,000 spectators here. Against Barcelona it was finally full again. How did you feel yesterday when you saw the north west stand?

I was very impressed with the stadium and how the fans were rooting for us. I spoke with a couple of my team-mates and we agreed that we needed it. We needed the support and the bond between the fans and the team. In more difficult spells we needed the fans to help us recover. I think they were very important yesterday. We dedicate reaching the final to our fans.

It seems like you and Ansgar have a special understanding. You played the final ball for his goal in London and yesterday he provided the assist for your goal. Is there a special connection there?

Yes. Our understanding is improving, slowly but surely. With Filip too. It was a bit difficult at first to understand Filip's game. It's a lot better now and it's similar with Ansgar. It was quicker with him, because he's settled into the team really quickly. In general, I think the team are much more in sync on the pitch now. That's very important for us strikers.

I get the feeling your goal from around 30 yards in Barcelona has boosted your confidence. Am I right?

Yes. I think my goal in Barcelona helped me personally and the team. For Barcelona, that moment was a blow. The goal meant a great deal to me. Personally, it gave me a big boost for the rest of the game. We had to keep going after that goal in order to reach the next round. I'm very grateful for that. Everyone's very happy at the moment and I'm happy too.

Has it sunk in yet that you're in the Europa League final and playing Glasgow Rangers in Seville? It's incredible!

Yes, it's unbelievable. If it had been an all-German final it would have been different. We know each other and have already faced Leipzig. The final will be brilliant. Rangers and Frankfurt deserve to battle it out for the cup. It's important now to enjoy it.

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